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Below are a current list of links to relevant content regard the ever changing EE4NJ AchieveNJ rollout. Contact your building B-REA AR for additional information.


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[tab title=”TeachNJ Law”]


The “Teacher Effectiveness and Accountability for the Children of New Jersey” Act (TEACHNJ Act ) is the impetus behind AchieveNJ.

View the law: [button link=”” style=”info”]TEACHNJ Act[/button]



[tab title=”AchieveNJ Guide”]

AchieveNJ Guide

The AchieveNJ Guide is designed to provide you with an overview of the entire AchieveNJ evalution program.

[button link=”” style=”info”]AchieveNJ Guide[/button]



[tab title=”Teacher Practice”]

Teacher Practice

Find out how teacher practice is weighted and evaluated under AchieveNJ

[button link=”” style=”info”]Teacher Practice in AchieveNJ[/button]



[tab title=”Student Growth Objectives”]

Student Growth Objectives (SGOs)

Learn what SGOs are and how it will impact your evaluation

[button link=”” style=”info”]Student Growth Objectives[/button]



[tab title=”Student Growth Percentiles”]

Student Growth Percentile (SGPs)

Learn what SGPs are and how it will impact your evaluation

[button link=”” style=”info”]Student Growth Percentiles[/button]



[tab title=”Teacher Evaluation”]

Teacher Evaluation

Find out how you will be evaluated under AchieveNJ

[button link=”” style=”info”]Teacher Evaluation[/button]



[tab title=”FAQs”]


Find answers to FAQs in regard to AchieveNJ

[button link=”″ style=”info”]FAQs[/button]



[button link=”″ style=”info”]BRRSD AchieveNJ Resources[/button]

[button link=”” style=”note”]NJDOE AchieveNJ Resources[/button]


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