Rob Ambrose is a familiar face at BRMS. An innovative educator in the science department for the last 22 years, Rob often integrates art and music with his science instruction. As a graffiti enthusiast and artist, Rob has incorporated graffiti into his classroom as a way to grab his students’ attention and communicate ideas with brief, to-the-point messages. Rob is also a musician. Perhaps you remember him from one of the many BRMS Talent Shows? Students are  treated to a variety of funky vinyl albums played on a vintage record player while they engage with exciting lab materials. Those who know Rob appreciate his sensitivity, humor, talent, and intelligence. A true Renaissance man, Rob has also just become a published author!

DINO STYLE: Dinosaurs and Graffiti was released on June 10, 2023. The children’s book pays tribute to the graffiti art tradition by taking a trip through a graffiti writer’s black book to learn about dinosaurs. Each dinosaur is given a graffiti nickname that summarizes the dinosaur’s most notable feature. After reading through the black book, readers find a city wall with all the graffiti names shown in the book’s earlier illustrations, serving as a call back and inviting children to revisit their favorite pages.

Rob, who both wrote and illustrated the book, was inspired by his family’s trips to New York City as a child. In describing his inspiration, Rob says, “I wanted to create a truly original book that will give young kids the same sense of excitement I had as a four year old in 1982; walking through a graffiti-covered New York City on the way to see the dinosaurs at the American Museum of Natural History.” He can now enjoy those trips with his own family. Rob is married to Kate Ambrose, an art teacher at BRMS. They reside in Somerville with their daughter, Maya.

The colorful illustrations from the book have inspired a clothing and sticker collection available at DINO STYLE: Dinosaurs and Graffiti is published by Bunbury’s Books and is available for purchase on For more information on DINO STYLE: Dinosaurs and Graffiti visit: