Message from the Bridgewater Raritan Education Association President:

Hello All,

As the newest President of the Bridgewater-Raritan Education Association,  I have been asked a multitude of times, Who is the BREA?  I thought I would share, who we are.

First and foremost, we are your teachers, teaching assistants, cafeteria assistants, playground assistants, secretaries, and maintenance workers.  We are the “village” that educates the children of the Bridgewater-Raritan School District.

How is the Association run? Who runs the BREA?  We do!  Your teachers, teaching assistants, cafeteria assistants, playground assistants, secretaries, and maintenance workers.

Our Association consists of an Executive Committee who oversees the administration of the Association. While each building has a Chief Area Representative, and Area Representatives (based on building size) who are responsible for providing information to all Association members. We have ten committees, with each committee run by the staff of the Bridgewater-Raritan School District.  One such committee is the PRIDE and Projects Committee.  The PRIDE Committee is funded by the staff members of the BREA, in conjunction with the NJEA.  This year alone the PRIDE Committee is funding over $84,000.00 of community events. All of the Community Breakfasts are funded through the PRIDE Committee, attached to this email are the upcoming PRIDE Events running through June 2019.

We are an organization run by the people, for the people. We negotiate our contracts. We work closely with the administration in preventing and resolving any bargaining, health and personnel  issues that arise. We are an affiliate of the New Jersey Education Association.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments.

Laura Kress

Board of Education Meetings

All meetings will be held at 7:30 PM in the Conference Room of the Harmon V. Wade Administration Building, 836 Newmans Lane, Bridgewater, NJ unless otherwise noted. On those occasions where a closed session is required, a notice will be provided a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the meeting date. These meetings will be opened at the designated new time and the Board will immediately enter into a closed session. Should the closed session end before 7:30 PM, the Board will recess until 7:30 PM before re-opening to the public. No Board discussion and action items shall occur at any of these meetings prior to 7:30 PM.

Talking points for parents to the Board of Education

• Every time a contract comes up and is not settled in a timely manner there is turmoil
within the district, which is a by-product of the BOE’s delay. The children can sense the
• Taxpayer dollars are being spent on attorneys- taking money away from building repairs,
safety initiatives, and technology.
• Sends a message to all, that there is a lack of respect for district employees
• Staff has brought this district to a Blue Ribbon status as well as many other academic
and athletic nationally recognized achievements. At this point, the staff believes the
board takes their achievements for granted.
• This district will no longer attract and maintain highly qualified employees continuing this

Interested in running for a Board Of Education seat? 


Lawn Signs

If you would like to support the BREA by putting a sign on your lawn, please contact with your address and we would be happy to drop one off to you.